Thursday, March 18, 2010

Chevrolet Spark or Daewoo Matiz

Chery QQ if associate become aware indeed the same with Chevrolet Spark or Daewoo Matiz. And two that model of course controversy reach up court, I indefinite what his decision but if in our country, both that model sold and both that model unsold. Without dawdling time and no need deep thinking, GM / Daewoo introduces Chevrolet Spark 2010. Of course modern and differs widely from old model once large little from Perodua Kancil.

Time consumer now want practical car, compact, pose with reasonable price or his industry name is mini car or supermini. And of course falling to each felicitous car maker be mini car and supermini, although Proton Savvy do not really are succeeding in country but in overseas it catches on, I feel more Savvy sold compared big brothers and his other brother. And based on my observation in Bandung recently more Proton Savvy driven compared Perodua MyVi / Daihatsu Sirion. Proton Wira of course scattered make taxi stock.

Chevrolet Spark is which models more rejected segment border supermini, desainnya of course external world. Usual if we become aware this segment car his form is cute with soft line. But this Chevy Spark stepped forward with hard lines as angry middlemen. Styled and are developed by squad young and dynamic it around the world would be sold in all Europe, Australia, Korea, United States with more 100 countries by total.

In Italy namely Chevy largest market in Western Europe, more than 50 percentage of car sold is from A segment and B [mini and supermini] while in France and United Kingdom market 2 segments that exceeded over 30 percent.

There were 2 type of engine would be consumed in Spark namely 1.0 litres and 1.2 litres. Bloknya is made from mould and head iron alloy, DOHC 16 valves with komplian Euro 5.Engine 995cc produce 68ps in 6400 rpm while engine 1206cc produce 81ps and 111Nm thrust in 4800 rpm. Gear box in second engine version is manual.

Dari segi aspek keselamatan, Spark ini boleh tahan juga dengan 4 bintang Euro NCAP. Selain dari itu ianya turut dilengkapi dengan Electronic Stability Control [ESC] dan juga ABS – EBA. Dari segi struktur badan, lebih 66 peratus menggunakan high-strength steel dengan 16.5 peratus ultra-high-strength steel pada bawah badan, tiang depan dan tiang tengah kereta. Setiap unit standard didatangkan dengan 6 beg udara.

Chevy Spark manufactured in South Korea and then in India and United States. Most basic model price is GBP 6,945 tolerable cheap for the car desainnya extravaganza like so.

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